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CDSL Ventures Limited is a subsidiary of Central Depository Services (India) Limited. It was set with the motive to provide convenient, dependable services at affordable prices. KYC is the abbreviation for “know your client” and this term is basically used for client identification process. Under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA), mutual fund companies in the country must comply with KYC norms and must have required information  about the clients that are interested in investing in their funds. Also, KYC norms are mandatory to only those mutual funds that cost more than Rs 50000. CDSL Ventures is the main agency to handle CDSL KYC by making an infrastructure of client information on behalf of the mutual fund industry in India. Customer profiling and record keeping are the main jobs done by CDSL Ventures Limited in order to create database of clients. Reserve Bank of India has advised the leading banks and mutual fund houses to execute KYC on potential customers under which they have to submit their address proof, photograph, and a proof of identity. CDSL kyc makes it very easy for the clients to know about their status by visiting the web site or by visiting “inquiry on kyc” and CDSL kyc check can be done. CDSL Ventures facilitates the clients to check their CDSL KYC status under a single click. CDSL KYC status can be seen online by just entering the pan no. on which the customer had applied for kyc and a client make CDSL kyc check.

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